torsdag 24 november 2011

Marlboro Man Bike For Sale

A friend of us are selling his 1340 Harley Marlboro Man Bike at blocket.

Dodge D100 Townpanel 1963 for sale

The car is for sale or for barter of a 1925 - 1929 1200cc Harley model JD or JDH.

Very nice paint job and excelent condition with 318 engine, 727 gearbox, 8 3/4 rear axle.

Contact us for more information valand at

Water Injection from RB Racing

I want to press the "order" button . . .

Link here: Water Injection

onsdag 23 november 2011

Landracing Website USA

Link to: Landracing Website where you find a lot of racing data, results, records and tip. Also a good forum with skilled racing people.

RB Racing

Link to: RB Racing 

Link to excellent Drivetrain and Speed Calculator: RB Racing Drivetrain and Speed Calculator 

Harley Evo Engine Simulator
Harley Balance Calculator
Harley Displacement Calculator
Chain Length Calculator
Clutch Tech and Torque Calculator
S&S Manifold Length Calculator
Intercooler Calculators
Professional Injector Pulsewidth Calculator
Fuel Injector/Fuel Pump/ Calculators
Additional Injector Controller Calculator
Motorsports Mil-Spec Wiring Harness Guide
Camshaft Calculator
Boost Compression Ratio Calculator
Harley Advanced Dynamic Compression Calculator
Inlet Runner Design and Torque Peak Calculator
Static Compression Ratio Calculator
Mach Index of Inlet Valves Calculator
Lovell Mean Gas Speed Inlet Valve Calculator
Tire Diameter Calculator
Fork Length and Trail Calculator
Rake and Trail Calculator
Professional Rake and Trail Calculator
Drivetrain and Speed Calculator
Squish Band and Deck Height Calculator
Bonneville Aero-horsepower Calculator
RSR Water Injection Calculator
Boost and Airflow Calculator
Turbocharger and Supercharger Maps
Harley-Davidson Exhaust Technology
General Conversions

Its like X-mas finding a source like this!

söndag 20 november 2011

When it all started . . .

Imagine these riders excitement during the races when the sport was young - was it macho?

The bicycle oval tracks was often used in the begining but had too narrow corners and low degree of banking.

A phase bike starts up a bicycle. Probably was many of the phase bike riders later also riders at the motorcycle races due to their routine of the banking.
The first motorcycle track was made of wood and opened for racing in 1909 in Los Angeles. The so-called Los Angeles Coliseum was a little less than 1/3 of a mile (536 meters) in circumference, the motor bike tracks was however two times higher than the bicycle lanes that preceded it.

Special oval dromes was builted and almost immediately was the new motor sport a success - the show where men drove motorcycles at breakneck speeds on ovals of wood with passionate fans grew quickly, almost overnight establiched interest in what was motorized bicycles. Many other tracks were built in 1910. Track length increased from 1/3 of a mile (536 meters) to a full mile (1609 meters) in circumference, while the slope of the line was between 25 to 60 degrees in the turns.

The races were very popular and in the stands, it could be more than 15,000 spectators, this was noticed by many motorcycle manufacturers Exclesior, Henderson, Indian, and some smaller ones that Thor, Merkel and Pope. They saw these events as great marketing opportunities. Because of this grew motorcycle sport big already in the 20ies.

The spectators watched the race from the large gallery built around the track, the riders raced at speeds approaching 100 mph (160,9 km / h). The rivalry was fierce, not only between riders, but also by manufacturers.

The spectators was told to come "30 inch from death" when wathing these amazing machines. Accidents was common and there was many deaths among riders as well as spectators before the track was made safer and more  spectator friendly.

This movie was originally made for India distributors by the Czech Frantisek Marik. The original film was found under a bed of an old lady in Prague in 1995 and is restored and formatted for video in the famous Barrandov studio and edited by J. Powerful Luiz.

These guys will probably sue me if they find this video here - but life shall be a challange?

"Them who do not dare to die - do not dare to live either"

 I did now also find a more detailed and complete history on the same theme here: The Vintagent  Blog.

Ice Racing Shootout 2012

I registered the bike for the bracket ice race March 2012. Wish us luck . . .

Register your vehicle here: Registration

Färnsjörepan is an very "cool" ice drag racing event in Sweden for any kind of vehicles pre 1969. The strip is 402 meter with flying aproach.

Pix of all registred vehicle here: "Färnsjörepan 2012" at Facebook  its a pretty cool bunch of steel.

Read more at Eddy Borg Facebook & Hjulhalja 2012

Inspiring sidecar

Nice racing sidecar, notice the pluggs for the lambda sond´s on the exhaust pipes.

(Image stolen from the

The moment of truth!

I look to have been real successfull with my engine renovation and trimming, now we shall see if i can repeat it.

I did get a box of 1925 Harley J engine parts from a friend what asked me to build a daily ride bike from it. Hopefully we can have it on the roads this spring. The front cylinder is pre 1924 and if anyone have a spare front J 1925 -29 cylinder for sale, please contact us, you can have the 24 cylinder in barter, of course we will pay some in between also. valand at The cylinder are a bit damaged cause of modification of the larger tread pins pattern, but fully usable.

The engine will be original stroke and bore, we will use new tappets and bearings all over as well as lifters and housing, new vales and guides. Ill guess this will be a real nice daily ride engine. Maybe we use a modern carburator to get thouse 30% extra power out as well.

Wouldent it be nice to find one anthusiastic and seriouse cam builder for our old vintage racers? hmmm now i start thinking of special rods also . . . Shit, life is a bitch - spank her!

First we did check all parts and find out some interesting stuff. I have many time thought of using teflon buttons at the ends of the vrist pin instead of the regular circlips. When i check this engine i did get a surprice, the iron pistons has a vrist pin with brass buttons, ill guess this is a modification made in the 20ies.

If anyone knows these vrist pin buttons from before, plese inform us of any data you have, who produced them, what age and so on. valand at May they be from the 20ies?
We will use the old iron pistons and go for a low rev high torque engine, ill guess this engine will be even stronger then mine in the low rev register due to these heavy iron pistons. We will use a low balance factor around 50 - 55%. Very tight tollerances as in my stroker, around 0,012 of a milimeter in bearings and 0,02 for the pistons. With these low tollerances is crtical to come inside that messure in the balancing of the flywheel. We will also see if we can find a bore of conic model for this purpose. Ill guess that will be hard to get these days. If anyone have experience from the conic bore please inform us.

To be continued . . .

Our agents has found following at Ebay: Ten Veteran Vintage Motorcycle Gudgeon Pin Bronze stoppers New Old Stock, they may be new produced or old, i will ask for data.

Link to the Ebay add here: Bronze Stoppers

Dave Roper Racing at Isle of Man 2011

Dave Roper, the first American ever to win an Isle of Man TT, will be riding a restored 580cc Indian TT model v-twin in the 2011 TT. Roper has a lifetime of achievement in vintage racing, including more than 20 AHRMA national championships as well as his win of the 1984 Senior Historic TT on a G50 Matchless. Support the first motorcycle to ever win the Senior TT on the Mountain Course, the only American marque to win at the event and the only American racer to ever win the Senior Historic TT!

Klick here to read about Dave riding a 1911 Indian V twin at the 2011 Isle of Man

David Morrill´s "Marble City Special" USA

Here are photos of  the Marble City Special. It is  named after David Morrill´s home town of Sylacauga, Alabama, which has a white marble quarry and is known as "The Marble City".
The bike is a "Cutdown" style bike with a 1921 Model J motor in a 1926 frame. It runs a total loss battery fired ignition, Schebler 3/4" carburetor, and an extended racing intake rocker. It runs a 1925 three speed transmission with a modified suicide shifter.

The motor is a "blanked off twin" single. This is done by removing one cylinder, rod, etc. from a 1000cc twin, and rebalancing the crankshaft, making a single cylinder racing engine. This was common racing modification in the mid 1920s. It has a later model JD drilled rod, which gives it a 525cc-32ci displacement.

The later 1926 frame gives a lower seat height, and has a Mesinger racing saddle. It has Harley boardtrack racing bars, and the 18" dirt track wheels run Bridgestone tires. A Ducati Monster rear disc brake, with a Brembo caliper was adapted. The headlight if from a Duesenburg car and the rear light is an old Harley front fender light.

The model photo is from a shoot at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Festival in October. I took all these photos, including the model shot, so there's no publishing problem. The model is "Riley" a local girl, who now models in New York. She shut down pit lane during the shoot.


Grate thanks for the pictures and information David . . .

lördag 19 november 2011

1925 Harley Davidson Boardtrack Racer

Formerly owned & built by Larry Semler of Lincoln,Nebraska. Engine built with only the finest components by the Famous Mike Lange. Anyone who knows Larry Semler, Knows how exact & meticulous he is. This bike is one of his greatest masterpieces

 Its a '13-15 style fork with scissor shock castings and welded on reinforcements. You see 'em on a lot of the hillclimbers in old photos, and occasionally on track bikes. Common on HD FLXI's, too.

An extra oil line has been added from the mechanical pump down to the pinion side of the bottom end for oil to the rods. Done often on hopped j-models. You use a modified VL pinion shaft, drill the taper on the flywheel, and use a VL crank pin. Makes 'em pretty slick.

Call Mike if you want it;
Phone: +001 916-320-1946

Ill guess its cheap :)

The pictures and information are from the very skilled guys at Classic American Iron (

torsdag 17 november 2011

Denver´s Chopper´s Sweden 1983

My first sidecar Harley 1936 VL, "Reseledarn" Junestuk is watching, and his bike, a price winner, parked at the left side

Denvers first swap meet at Ekstubben
Our Dodge Weapon Carrier 1942 and the Land Rover IOE 1952
Time for some gas
Time for some service
Time for a start up, this Land Rover had no brakes, no clutch, no cooling, no gastank, no starter, no electrical system, only a magneto, but it did beat any jeep what challange us on the tracks. It was possible to use a rope around the fan main belt wheel and start it by hand power.
Ill guess we made over 30 miles of tracks around the club house what we used as often we could.