fredag 31 augusti 2012

Handling errors . . .

The reason for engine failure is 99% usually handling errors. In this case, I broke the threaded valve housing wall of the valve house on the original cylinder because I pulled nut awry by misstake when i wanted to tighten it up harder to eleminate a minor air leak. And the reason for reduce leak was to beat Ronnies DL exceptional low idle run.

Because of this misstake and broke of the origin cylinder 
I replaced it with a used cylinder what later exploded by a hidden crack that
I missed when i bought it.

After the cylinder explosion i repaird the first original cylinder what still runs. I did cut out a piece of the exploded cylinder and velded it to the origin one as shown in the picture.

Be careful when buying used cylinders, a crack may be expencive

Denvers Swap meet 86

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Cannonball 2012 Cancled

Its hurts to inform that Brooken Spooke Racing Team will not join the Cannonball 2012 Endurance Race across USA. The reason is hard to rise needed funds for a proffessional team. We will instead go for the next Cannonball race, hopefylly already next year.

We will follow the race at this blog and keep updating interesting things during the race.

You can follow the race at the official Cannonball web site at: 
Maybe we arrange some vintage bike race in Sweden during the autum, we will inform you here later.

Ride on: Ghost Rider