tisdag 18 december 2012


https://www.facebook.com - icegladiators

Ice Speedway Gladiators, Uppsala
Det är riktigt skoj att så mycket folk har hittat hit och vi vill bli ännu fler!

Gilla vår sida och dela bilden så är du med i utlottningen av 2 VIP-biljetter till VM i Uppsala den 23-24 mars.




söndag 16 december 2012

Ducati Chopper and Low Rider by Valand

This is whats left now on the market . . .

Looks like Santa (is a scammer) this year . . .

I did advertise for a pair of 74" JD cylinders at American Iron Forum. A person called himself "Pastor Dwight La Pine" answered and offered me  a pair but he wanted me to send money in advance by Westen Uinion. I was afraid i will lose my money if i send them this way and did offer the seller 200 USD more to send them by COD and UPS or DHL instead. The guy refused and wanted me to send atleast 500USD and he will send them and let me pay the rest when they arrived. I refused this and then he offered me to ship them for 300 USD what i refused as well. Now i have found his name in other scam reports and he used the exact same introduction lines as in my first email from him.

This was the text in my email from the pastor:

Yes ~ I'll be able to help with the required item(s) listed in your advert. Kindly send me an e-mail with a list of what you require if you are still interested in the purchase. What's your phone number?

Dwight LaPine


This is from Mopar part forum:

Yes ~ I'll be able to help with the required item(s) listed in your
advert. Kindly send me an e-mail with a list of what you require if
you are still interested in the purchase. What's your phone number?

Dwight LaPine

Be aware of this guy if you adwertise for parts on the web.


onsdag 5 december 2012

Rear JD Cylinder 1925-29 Wanted

I need a rear 1925-29 Harley JD cylinder with the small valve house. No larger bore then 88mm.
Please contact me if you have one or knows one for sale. No problem with broken fins or other dammages on the outside

+46 736770327

måndag 17 september 2012

Sherlock Holmes wicked steampunk ride

From Steampunk Holmes website…

The Widowmak’r uses a two cylinder (or compound) engine for quick acceleration and power and a steam turbine as a second stage for sustained speed and long distances. Like most steam powered vehicles and devices, it is powered by Moriarty H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) steam generators which use a catalyst to cause the H202 to boil rather than a boiler to produce power. The formula of the catalyst is a secret of Moriarty Chemical, which is the exclusive producer and seller of the material.

The Widowmak’r was designed and built by Sherlock Holmes; its engines come from military stock vehicles produced for the British military by Moriarty Motors. The Widowmak’r is most probably the fastest land vehicle of its time.

The Gatling gun, also military stock produced by The Gatling Co., fires 300 rounds per minute. Instead of being driven by a hand crank, as was common, the eight barrels turn and fire using the kick-back for the previous round (aka Recoil-Operated). The ammunition is a smaller caliber .303 Lee-Metford bullet of lead encased (jacketed) in copper to improve accuracy (lead tends to warp its shape when fired, distorting accuracy).
Well now you can own it. For realz. The Widowmak’r, by Mikky Solifague of

Solifague Design, is Sherlock Holmes wicked steampunk ride and it can be yours to own. Working in partnership with Putsch Racing of Dublin, Ohio they will be offering this incredible chopper for sale in 2012. The Widowmak’r motorcycle will be beautiful, powerful, and street legal.
From Putsch Racing
Having gained International success with the exposure of the Turbine Bat Car, and becoming one of the premier fantasy builders, Putsch Racing is proud to anounce we have been selected to build this signature vehicle. Based on the character Steampunk Holmes that was developed by author Richard Monson-Haefel. Holmes’ bike is the epitome of the steampunk movement in design. The bike was designed by Mikky Solifague of Solifague Designs in Moscow, Russia. The lines, materials, and aestetic approach are far outside of those of the standard TV built, ‘Chopper’ arena for custom bikes, and is a perfect match for Putsch Racing. This should prove to be a great collaboration.
Putsch Racing will be building these on an order only basis, and plans to have them legal for the US roads. See more info regarding the character, author, and designer at http://theclevermonkey.blogspot.com/

JD Chopper from Uffe

tisdag 11 september 2012

Shit - grate look - stolen picture

Reading Standard1918 1200cc - Brooken Spooke

I meet this guy and his brother at "Vassruggen Meet" today what have restored this grate barnfind what are their old grandpa´s Reading Standard 1918 1120cc. The bike has been hidden in their famely barn since 1939 and was explored again in the 1990ies.The bike is in an excelent original condition, ist still the original painting and only some smaller repair of the painting has ben carefully and autenthically made.

Ill luve people what care to get these old bikes running and not place them in a museum. I may add more information later about the bike and the history behind it. 

I wish you guys all luck with this lovely bike and may it run for ever . . .


Grate thanks to the owner and his kind brother what helped me with the shooting.


Edit: when Im watching this wonderful bike i realize this must been a killer in the 20ies, look at the weak and light costruction, its allmoust like a bicycle. Its also said that´s a very easy brakebale and fragile bike.