fredag 9 december 2011


This bike is a monster revving pice of metall. The video show Ulf starting the bike att Twin Club Bike Show and you can  hear how nice it revs befor he had a chanse to cool it down.

This bike rokks fat.

Watch especially the end of this video.

You will not find one of these at your neighbors garage. High Compression and revving 1000cc Harley J 1918. Untouched nice frame for those who want to build orginal bike, fork from 30ties 750 RL.18 inch front wheel. Pre registred. Can take Knuckle in swap, only email.

$ 20 000 USD
valand at

En sån här har inte din granne. Högkompad och varvglad 1000cc halvtopp,orörd fin ram för den som vill bygga orginal.Gaffeln från 30 tals 750 RL.18 tums hjul.Förregad. Eventuellt byte knuckla,endast mail.

130 000 SEK

valand at


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