måndag 22 augusti 2011

The fastest pocket valve Harley in Sweden?

Realizing the machine is a sleeper able to do 125 mph . . .

I have now been riding the new stroker engine for about 2000 miles on half throttle. On my way home from Eskilstuna/Mälaren runt, i did race the bike heavy for top speed for the first time. And i can only say im very impressed. When i was driving at 55 miles per hour i with no problem at all i give full throttle (50% at this moment) the engine did rev very fine and i guess i did mach about 80 miles per hour with no problem at all and there was more to get. This is with a heavy loaded sidecar aprox 400 kilo of total weight. i guess i will be able to run this bike solo with higher ratio to 125 miles per hour easy. We will see this comming winter when i will try it on our ice strip. Maybe i take it to Rättvik Ice Racing event also next year. . .

Any one with an old Harley pocket valve are welcome to try to beat my bike this winter on the ice. A JDH challange would be nice!


Real nice Indian from Mälaren runt 2011

fredag 19 augusti 2011

Tomorrow its Mälarn Runt and heavy rain is falling over Stockholm friday night - maybe i will sew me a long coat of inflatable dinghy fabric!?

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

Denver`s Chopper`s Sweden in the 70ties

Håkan did build one of the nicest bike in Denvers,
it still runs as hell with a sifton 468 cam shaft

Roskilde Festival 1974.
Denvers Choppers

Searching for parts to HD sidecar ice racer

Broken Spoke are planning for building an Harley side car ice racer. For this project we need some parts as follow;


Side car frame with wheel any year model - GOT IT!
Frame mounts for sidecar - GOT IT!

Standard hydra fork legs - GOT IT!

Standard front wheel 16x4" - GOT IT!

Standard horshoe oil tank - GOT IT!
Low and wide racing handlebar - GOT IT!

Old long sadle
Gas tank with hand shift mount and handle
Foot clutch pedal, mounts and rat trap

If you have any of these parts for sale to a reasonable price please let us know.

Contact: valand@brokenspoke.se
Pictures of the project will be added here later.

Different styles of racing sidecars

Harley 1927 61" model J