lördag 19 november 2011

1925 Harley Davidson Boardtrack Racer

Formerly owned & built by Larry Semler of Lincoln,Nebraska. Engine built with only the finest components by the Famous Mike Lange. Anyone who knows Larry Semler, Knows how exact & meticulous he is. This bike is one of his greatest masterpieces

 Its a '13-15 style fork with scissor shock castings and welded on reinforcements. You see 'em on a lot of the hillclimbers in old photos, and occasionally on track bikes. Common on HD FLXI's, too.

An extra oil line has been added from the mechanical pump down to the pinion side of the bottom end for oil to the rods. Done often on hopped j-models. You use a modified VL pinion shaft, drill the taper on the flywheel, and use a VL crank pin. Makes 'em pretty slick.

Call Mike if you want it;
Phone: +001 916-320-1946
E-mail: donvito17@comcast.net

Ill guess its cheap :)

The pictures and information are from the very skilled guys at Classic American Iron (http://www.caimag.com/)

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