söndag 20 november 2011

David Morrill´s "Marble City Special" USA

Here are photos of  the Marble City Special. It is  named after David Morrill´s home town of Sylacauga, Alabama, which has a white marble quarry and is known as "The Marble City".
The bike is a "Cutdown" style bike with a 1921 Model J motor in a 1926 frame. It runs a total loss battery fired ignition, Schebler 3/4" carburetor, and an extended racing intake rocker. It runs a 1925 three speed transmission with a modified suicide shifter.

The motor is a "blanked off twin" single. This is done by removing one cylinder, rod, etc. from a 1000cc twin, and rebalancing the crankshaft, making a single cylinder racing engine. This was common racing modification in the mid 1920s. It has a later model JD drilled rod, which gives it a 525cc-32ci displacement.

The later 1926 frame gives a lower seat height, and has a Mesinger racing saddle. It has Harley boardtrack racing bars, and the 18" dirt track wheels run Bridgestone tires. A Ducati Monster rear disc brake, with a Brembo caliper was adapted. The headlight if from a Duesenburg car and the rear light is an old Harley front fender light.

The model photo is from a shoot at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Festival in October. I took all these photos, including the model shot, so there's no publishing problem. The model is "Riley" a local girl, who now models in New York. She shut down pit lane during the shoot.


Grate thanks for the pictures and information David . . .

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