torsdag 17 november 2011

Denver´s Chopper´s Sweden 1983

My first sidecar Harley 1936 VL, "Reseledarn" Junestuk is watching, and his bike, a price winner, parked at the left side

Denvers first swap meet at Ekstubben
Our Dodge Weapon Carrier 1942 and the Land Rover IOE 1952
Time for some gas
Time for some service
Time for a start up, this Land Rover had no brakes, no clutch, no cooling, no gastank, no starter, no electrical system, only a magneto, but it did beat any jeep what challange us on the tracks. It was possible to use a rope around the fan main belt wheel and start it by hand power.
Ill guess we made over 30 miles of tracks around the club house what we used as often we could.

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