måndag 22 augusti 2011

The fastest pocket valve Harley in Sweden?

Realizing the machine is a sleeper able to do 125 mph . . .

I have now been riding the new stroker engine for about 2000 miles on half throttle. On my way home from Eskilstuna/Mälaren runt, i did race the bike heavy for top speed for the first time. And i can only say im very impressed. When i was driving at 55 miles per hour i with no problem at all i give full throttle (50% at this moment) the engine did rev very fine and i guess i did mach about 80 miles per hour with no problem at all and there was more to get. This is with a heavy loaded sidecar aprox 400 kilo of total weight. i guess i will be able to run this bike solo with higher ratio to 125 miles per hour easy. We will see this comming winter when i will try it on our ice strip. Maybe i take it to Rättvik Ice Racing event also next year. . .

Any one with an old Harley pocket valve are welcome to try to beat my bike this winter on the ice. A JDH challange would be nice!


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