tisdag 11 september 2012

Reading Standard1918 1200cc - Brooken Spooke

I meet this guy and his brother at "Vassruggen Meet" today what have restored this grate barnfind what are their old grandpa´s Reading Standard 1918 1120cc. The bike has been hidden in their famely barn since 1939 and was explored again in the 1990ies.The bike is in an excelent original condition, ist still the original painting and only some smaller repair of the painting has ben carefully and autenthically made.

Ill luve people what care to get these old bikes running and not place them in a museum. I may add more information later about the bike and the history behind it. 

I wish you guys all luck with this lovely bike and may it run for ever . . .


Grate thanks to the owner and his kind brother what helped me with the shooting.


Edit: when Im watching this wonderful bike i realize this must been a killer in the 20ies, look at the weak and light costruction, its allmoust like a bicycle. Its also said that´s a very easy brakebale and fragile bike.

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