söndag 20 november 2011

The moment of truth!

I look to have been real successfull with my engine renovation and trimming, now we shall see if i can repeat it.

I did get a box of 1925 Harley J engine parts from a friend what asked me to build a daily ride bike from it. Hopefully we can have it on the roads this spring. The front cylinder is pre 1924 and if anyone have a spare front J 1925 -29 cylinder for sale, please contact us, you can have the 24 cylinder in barter, of course we will pay some in between also. valand at brokenspoke.se. The cylinder are a bit damaged cause of modification of the larger tread pins pattern, but fully usable.

The engine will be original stroke and bore, we will use new tappets and bearings all over as well as lifters and housing, new vales and guides. Ill guess this will be a real nice daily ride engine. Maybe we use a modern carburator to get thouse 30% extra power out as well.

Wouldent it be nice to find one anthusiastic and seriouse cam builder for our old vintage racers? hmmm now i start thinking of special rods also . . . Shit, life is a bitch - spank her!

First we did check all parts and find out some interesting stuff. I have many time thought of using teflon buttons at the ends of the vrist pin instead of the regular circlips. When i check this engine i did get a surprice, the iron pistons has a vrist pin with brass buttons, ill guess this is a modification made in the 20ies.

If anyone knows these vrist pin buttons from before, plese inform us of any data you have, who produced them, what age and so on. valand at brokenspoke.se. May they be from the 20ies?
We will use the old iron pistons and go for a low rev high torque engine, ill guess this engine will be even stronger then mine in the low rev register due to these heavy iron pistons. We will use a low balance factor around 50 - 55%. Very tight tollerances as in my stroker, around 0,012 of a milimeter in bearings and 0,02 for the pistons. With these low tollerances is crtical to come inside that messure in the balancing of the flywheel. We will also see if we can find a bore of conic model for this purpose. Ill guess that will be hard to get these days. If anyone have experience from the conic bore please inform us.

To be continued . . .

Our agents has found following at Ebay: Ten Veteran Vintage Motorcycle Gudgeon Pin Bronze stoppers New Old Stock, they may be new produced or old, i will ask for data.

Link to the Ebay add here: Bronze Stoppers

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