onsdag 15 februari 2012

Roffes Motor Stockholm / Raceway AB

Roffe started sell motorcycle parts in Stockholm 1943 and the biz are still alive by new owner today. I remember when i was 12 years old 1970, buying parts to my mini bike from Mr. Rolf Senior him selves. Even Mrs. Rolf and their son Leif was working there at the time. The hot dogs cost $0.05 USD and a coke even less. Leif was still active last year when i meet him buying some flathead pistons for the JD.

This famely has really meant much to motor cycle riding in Sweden. The new owner runs the biz with excelent service and know ledge about parts and machining. Peter what care for the shop does an eminent job giving every customer 100% attention to solve their needs or problem, even when there is 20 people in line he give all customers the needed time for optimal service. 

Link to: Roffes Motor Stockholm

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