fredag 24 februari 2012

Modified Carrillo 8" inch Hardened Steel JD Rods

After some inspection of the new Carrillo rod´s i soon realize theese are partly heavy hardened. At the bottom end the file was doing its job, but on the top it was like worst hardened 4340 alloy. So the modification have to be made by grinding. Ill guess it will take me 2 days to reach the structur wanted. Also the flywheel need to be modified as well as the cylinder skirt to let the rods go free.

The material is a proprietary material made specifically for Carrillo called CarrilloLoy. It is similar to 300M and 4340. The shot peen is a proprietary blend made for super fine shot peen finish. The bushing material is called ToughMet. It is more slippery, elongates less, and is tougher than any material short of composites. The rods are comparable in weight to the Lightning rod but have 38% more surface area.

Terry at Shaker Products say´s "As far as strength data I can say that we used 4800 psi cylinder pressure as a standard threshold. 4500 psi in a top fuel car's cylinder. I have had a new Nitro bike owner break his crank pin on a backfire and the Shaker Rod still is straight in the beam".

Dimension Data:
Center to Center 8.0"
Pin Diameter honed for.927"
Big End bore for 1.5" crank pin using standard big twin rollers
rod width on small end 1.060"

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