tisdag 7 februari 2012

Finally, you can throttle up on the ice . . .

These ice nails will do the job this year instead of the lousy one used last year. After some races on the ice i had to go picking em up along the ice track. These are really heavy nails due to a special wide thread and hard metal core. This special thread makes the nails grip better in the soft rubber and will not popp off. I first saw them on a 4 ton tractor what was driving hard on booth asphalt and ice and they looked as new after many months driving, and almoust none had popped off.

We will sell the "Best Grip" nails at the track and maybe on the blogg also, depends of how much interest there is. Let us know if you want many of them and we can arrange for a delivery, but smaller quantities (less then 400) will probably only be sold at the race tracks.
Mail me if you want to order: valand at brokenspoke.se

I mounted them with a drill, it took 2 hour to add on 456 nails in 2 tires. It was a little bit hard to center them but after 100 nails you got it right. The technique is to press hard from start and compensate for the oscillation effect when the flat blade tip is off center. Its also hard to stop at exact right position when using a drill, some times i had to back up the nail caus i drow it too deep. These things will of course affect the quality and lifetime.
I now also read and look at the professionals working with these nails, threre is one hand tool also what will give the optimal control when setting the nail in the tires. This will of course take 10 times longer but you will get a better quality/lifetime/function when all nails are fixed at the same height and center of the position you want, with the drill you will not have that 100% control. Ill guess this will work fine anyway but some lost is allways with non exact mounting of the nails an of course affects the wheel balancing at high speed. I now got 199 nails on the back wheel and 266 in the front. With the sidecar its much pressure on the front wheel sidways what often results in a wide and long curve instead of a thight and fast. Now ill hope i will be able to make real close turns with good speed. We will soon see, ill guess it will be possible to do the first test ride this weekend, if i have the time to switch tires and serve the bike. Or is it more a question of attitude? Ill know i will race the ice this weekend.

Anyone up for a challange?

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