tisdag 24 januari 2012

Shaker Products - Nitro Rod´s

Its time for preparations, first for the Färnsjörepan 402 meter ice strip where i will do the first try out of the bike infor comming speed attempts. Ice is heavy to ride due to the ice spikes in the tires, so this test will not give any records but will give us indications of where we stand with duration, wheel size and the torque of the engine. For Färnsjörepan i will ride the 86" inch stroker, but we will maybe build one more bike and engine for the record attempt what will be a stream liner and who knows, we may try it out at Bonneville BUB race week Agust 27 if we can get it ready in time. Else i try out the 86" without sidecar before the Cannonball Race.

The set up for the new engine will be
*4 7/8 T&O Flywheel
*Special Nitro Rods from Shaker Products
*Enhanced engine cases
*Valves, bearings and tappets from S&S and Competition Distributor
*Fuel injection from Hillborn or Harley
*New casted 1928 JDH cylinders

I will also change the rods in the 86" stroker for these racing rods.

Link to: Shaker Products

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