onsdag 14 december 2011

Foley Racing - World Record Holder at Bonneville

Tom rides this butiful 1955 Panhead Sidecar at 116 miles/hour and 7000 rpm at Bonneville.

The bike is a mix and match Pan head for 30 years. It is a 55 set of cases, stroker flywheels, 1949 heads,  duel spark plugs, Andrews B grind cam, 1982 electric start FX 4 speed trans, S&S super B carb.

Tom explaines some of the regulations to be able to race the flats.

The engine determines the class, that is why I prefer the Vintage class, pre 56. For Vintage the cases barrels and heads have to be original. Transmission, flywheels they do not care. If you run production vintage, it is even more strict, sounds like your JD could be competative in that class.

The Record for 1350 Side car vintage Gas (SC-VG) at El Mirage is 119. This year I went 116 (with a tail wind) but I have a chance. I'm sure back in 1955 Harley never thought my old Pan would turn almost 7,000 RPM. The challenge is making this old stuff go fast, I'm having fun trying. Some have raced for years and never got a record, the vintage class still has a lot of opportunities.

You have speed week in August,  Mid Sept, Mid Oct for El Mirage.

What engine you run will determine if we run in the same classs. If it is a side valve (Flat head) you can drop down 1/3rd in class, if you run a pan or knuckle- yes we will be in the same class.

Before you get too far along you need the rule book, the new rule book should be available after the first of the year. The little details can stop you from running, the side car has to be 12 x32 inch,  the side car  wheel has to be 32 inches from the centerline of the bike, must have steel valve stems,  rated tires and leathers without vents.

Tom are planning to run at the BUB meet next year,  about 2 weeks after speed week, if you go to the expense of speed week you should think about staying for BUB. AMA and international rules are close to SCTA. Tom updating his bike to run both AMA and SCTA

Most that run from out of state or from overseas send e mails to the chief motorcycle inspector, he will help you work through the rules.

If you are planning to run 2012 speed week make sure you register in May, it is about 400 USD, if you wait until speed week I think it is 600.

I'm all for getting the word out there about landspeed racing. It is the last form of racing where the a guy or a gal can on a limited budget build a project. My wife and I have been going to Bonneville since 99, hung out with racer friends, met more friends, and finally got it together to go racing in 2010 then came home with the Bonneville record. Wow!
-This is tempting and i must say its like Tom says, its still possible to beat records in this vintage bike class without beeing a milionare, but its for sure easy up a bit to be one *$* 

Is there more people in Sweden what find this fun and tempting, let me know . . .


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