fredag 15 april 2011

How many errors can one mechanical engineer make in one and same engine?

1st Wrong lifters - too long - to 1200
2nd Wrong lifter house- too short - fits1920
3rd Too short valves - they were great from the start but the wrong lifters made them each for long why he shorted them - they are now 11mm too short overall.
4th Shortened distance from the spring seat to the shaft top/spring holder - too much pressure - 5 mm shorter than what it should be.
5th Too long valve springs - too much pressure - 5 mm longer then original - perhaps harder in itself also.
6th Glued cylinders - destroys the engine to get to them off.
7th Studs come loose when to pull the nuts to be used glue
8th Incorrect push rod ball - does not fit in the rocker arms
9th Missing feather to the generator drive
10th The Pan Head pistons, what he said gives higer compressionhad, gives lower compression than the original J pistons
11th Guides too short on the upside in the racer - give little support
12th The intake mainfold is incorrectly installed
13th New push rods to 1200 cc was chopped to fit all silly work
14th Damage to the main gear - resulted by the tool to get the gear off the tappet, cuased all gears to jump around
15th the rod gear bearings was wrong mounted
16th the main tappet bearings was wrong mounted

Ill guess it must be impossible to create more errors than this in one and the same engine...

Let me know if any one knows any worse idiot than this!!

If i had started the engine without checking stuff up it had exploded.

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